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InMedica - is a network of medicine clinics, which provides diagnostic, ambulant treatment, surgery, dentistry and other medical services. The professionals of their own field, who direct their full attention towards the patient and their health, work in our clinics. We use instrument equipment and perform thorough laboratory tests.

15 family medicine centers and 3 wide profile clinics comprise the “InMedica” group. In 2019, in Santariškės, Vilnius, modern day surgery center started operating.

The main shareholder of “InMedica” is “INVL Baltic Sea Growth Fund”, while the main investor of the fund is the European Investment Fund - a part of European Investment Bank. During the first stage of distribution, “INVL Baltic Sea Growth Fund” attracted 106 million euros.

On January 2019, “INVL Baltic Sea Growth Fund” acquired the shares of “InMedica” from a private capital fund “Baltcap”, which invested in to the company in 2012.


  • To effectively diagnose the illness
  • To help the patients heal quickly and safely
  • To ensure the sustainable health of people 


  • To provide integrated health care services
  • To do more than the patient expects


  • Professionalism
  • Ethics
  • Time
  • Attention
  • Responsibility