Provision of services at home

Services of visits at home by a family doctor are provided in accordance with the Lithuanian Medical Standard MN14: 2005 Family Doctor. Rights, Duties, Competence and Responsibility (Official Gazette, 2006, No. 3-62). The requests for home visits should be justified, motivated when patients really are not able to come to the medical institution or if their arrival threatens the health or life of patients or others.

The necessary medical aid at home is provided only to patients with acute illness:
• When the patient is not able walk.
• Children with severe disabilities.
• Adults who have been identified by the Disability and Incapacity for Work Service as having a 0 to 25% capacity.
• Patients who are unable to move independently due to illness or injury for 24 hours.
• Children up to one year of age with a body temperature higher than 38.6 degrees and one of the following symptoms: continuous vomiting, new-onset rash, high-tone screaming, diarrhea (more than five times a day).

1. No medical examination is provided to children (under 18 years of age) without presence of an adult at home.
2. Doctors’ visits at home are not registered in health certificates, prescriptions for the THIF.
3. Preference of visiting is given to children under one year of age.
4. If an emergency aid is needed, an ambulance is called.
5. A paid visit at home may occur upon a reciprocal agreement between the patient and the doctor, which shall be settled in accordance with the procedure of settlement valid at the institution.
6. During the visits at patients’ homes, doctors fill in all the necessary documentation.