The procedure for submitting complaints

Patients can submit complaints orally:

  • to the employee who provided services;
  • to the head of the department at UAB InMedica clinic where services were provided;

Oral complaints or requests are accepted only if it is possible to solve them immediately without prejudice to the interests of the patient and the institution.

Complaints in writing are submitted:

  • to UAB InMedica office located at:  Asanavičiūtės 20-201, Vilnius, Vilniaus city municipality;
  • by e-mail: infoinmedica.lt 

A written request may be submitted by the patient or his/her representative.

  • Only the complaints that were signed by the patient, contain his/her name, actual place of residence and contact details, clear essence of the complaint, are dealt with.
  • If the complaint is submitted by the patient’s representative, the name of the representative, the place of residence, the document certifying the representation and the patient on whose behalf he/she is complaining should be indicated.
  • Illegible complaints that do not comply with requirements are returned to the patient and the reason for the return is stated.
  • The patient must indicate a personal identification document in the complaint. When such complaint is sent by mail or by courier, a copy of the applicant’s identity document certified by a notary or a patient’s lawyer must be attached to it.
  • When requesting to receive such information, the patient’s representative submits a document certifying his/her identity and representation.
  • The patient has the right to submit a complaint no later than within one year after becoming aware that his/her rights have been violated, but no later than three years from the date of the violation.
  • Complaints in writing shall be recorded in the Patient Complaints Register at the central office by the Administrator under the general procedure for registering the received letters.

When the secretariat (SEC) of InMedica central office registers a complaint, on the same day he/she informs:

        Complaint relevant clinic:

  • The manager (MGR) of the department of the clinic, and if the manager is not available – senior nurse (SN), who transfers the information to the manager immediately;
  • Chief dentist (CD) of the department if the complaint is related to dental services;

The head of department the activity of which is relevant to the complaint (by email, through CC):

  • The Head of Medical Activity Organization Department (MAO) – concerning medical activity;
  • The Head of Human Resources (HR) – concerning personnel ethics and communication with patients;
  • The Head of Dental Activity Department (DA) – concerning dental services;
  • The Head of Mental Health Department (MD) – concerning the services of the Mental Health Centre;
  • The Head of Sales and Marketing Department (SM) – concerning the provision of paid services.

If the patient directly addresses the aforementioned heads of departments, the Manager of the clinic or the senior nurse – the complaint is transferred under the same procedure as mentioned in Clause 2 above, in addition through CC: the information is forwarded to the central office secretariat.

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