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InMedica – a healthy sports partner!

InMedica – a healthy sports partner!

One of the best medicines for all diseases is physical activity. InMedica clinic contributes to healthy sport. We encourage everyone to move and spend their leisure time actively. Physical activity reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases, stroke, diabetes, depression and many other diseases.

Although the benefits of sport are indisputable, we remind you should engage in sport according to the capabilities of your body. Do not forget that workouts, and in particular the decision to participate in sports events (various marathons, competitions, etc.) must be well measured and evaluated

While wishing to engage in sports healthy, we recommend performing preventive health examinations for sportspeople. They are important not only because they help you know if you are not wearing yourself down and are healthy, but also to achieve even better results.

The state-of-the-art equipment is used and consultations by the best doctors are provided at InMedica clinic. Tests determine the thresholds of exercise, assess the athlete’s functional condition, they help to detect and correct or prevent the onset of pathological events in a timely manner, to accelerate individual personal adaptation processes (this is especially relevant when the adaptation time is greatly shortened for economic or other reasons).

Do not sacrifice your health for sports!

If you wish to receive preventive health examinations, register:

IN VILNIUS - P. Baublio g. 2, phone: +370 655 38997; +370 527 77 778

IN KAUNAS - Savanorių pr. 169, phone: +370 614 81071; +370 377 33978

More information on preventive examinations for sportspeople is available HERE