Day surgery center


In the “InMedica Santariškės Day Surgery Center”, surgeries are in the areas of gynecology, urology, abdominal, plastic and reconstructive surgery and vascular surgery. The surgeries are performed by using the most modern equipment and up-to-date methods in order to cause as less discomfort for the patient as possible and for the patient to be able to get back to their social life as soon as possible: after the surgery, the patient is released home on the same or next day.

Prior to each surgery, the consultation with the surgeon-specialist is mandatory, during which the necessary tests are appointed, various questions associated with preparation for surgery are discussed, surgery plan is concluded, patient is informed about the anticipated rehabilitation after the surgery etc. The research laboratory of the surgery center is in the same building, thus, prior to the surgery, in the clinic, we perform all of the necessary laboratory tests.

Surgeons having the highest qualification in their areas of work and experienced specialists perform the surgeries. The most modern equipment and surgical instrument kits are used for surgeries. The up-to-date, minimally invasive, in many cases endoscopic or other non-invasive surgical methods are used.

After the surgery, the patient is transferred to a cozy one-room ward, were a qualified nursing staff takes care of them.

The Territorial Health Insurance Funds in accordance to the service nomenclature and basic prices indicated in the agreement concluded with the Territorial Health Insurance Fund pays for a part of day surgery services of the patients insured with the compulsory health insurance. The services are compensated for those people, who have submitted the document confirming the assurance and having the committal of the family doctor or doctor-specialist. The patient is explained in detail how much and for which services they must pay and which specific part of the service is paid for by the Territorial Health Insurance Fund.

If you live outside Lithuania, prior and after the surgery, we will take care off the flight and accommodation concerns in Vilnius.