Extensive screening of athletes

For beginners

Before starting intensive and regular training, we recommend performing a health examination program for sportspeople. Tests will determine whether there are any sings of heart “overuse” and will allow you to assess your individual “threshold” of cardiac load according to which an individual training plan will be composed.

For those who train actively and intensely

If you go to a gym or train individually every day, you should know whether training does not worsen your health, whether you train safely, what is your heart reserve, how to restore lost strength, those are questions that can be answered by sports medicine professionals at our clinic. After a detailed health examination, they will assess your data and prepare an individual health preservation program.

We recommend for sportspeople:

  • Computer electrocardiogram in a calm state 
  • Limited exercise test (veloergometry) 
  • Heart ultrasound
  • Blood tests (general blood, lipidogram, glucose, K, Mg, Na tests) 
  • Cardiologist/sports medicine doctor’s consultation

We also recommend an exhaustive program for sportspeople (only in Vilnius and Kaunas):

  • Computer electrocardiogram in a calm state
  • Exercise tolerance test (spiroveloergometry)
  • Heart ultrasound
  • Blood tests (general blood, lipidogram, glucose, K, Mg, Na, ionized Ca, liver enzymes tests)
  • Body mass/composition analysis (only in Kaunas)
  • Cardiologist/sports medicine doctor’s consultation

IN VILNIUS: P. Baublio g. 2, phone: 8 655 38 997

IN KAUNAS: Savanorių pr. 169, III floor, phone: 8 377 33978

IN PANEVĖŽYS: Jakšto g. 6A, phone: 8 616 47744

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