Extensive screening of men

Cardiovascular diseases are long-lasting and disturbing performance, often leading to disability and high mortality. However, these diseases can be prevented: a healthy lifestyle and health control not only prevent these diseases, but also maintain the ability to work up to honourable age, improve the person’s appearance and well-being.

Extensive screening of men:

-         Computer electrocardiogram in a calm state,

-         Exercise electrocardiogram (veloergometry),

-         Heart ultrasound,

-         Abdominal ultrasound,

-         Detailed blood tests (general blood test, lipidogram, glucose levels, liver enzymes (ALT, AST, GGT, ALP),  microelements (K, Mg, Na, Ca), creatinine, common protein, CRP, pancreatic amylase, UREA, TBI, DBIL, UA, general urine test, prostate specific antigen),

-         Cardiologist’s consultation.

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