Extensive screening of women

Dear women, we want to invite you for a prophylactic health examination due to several reasons:

  • Statistics id ruthless – one out of three women dies due to cardiovascular problems...
  • The nature gave women smaller blood vessels than men, therefore, the risk to have heart diseases is higher;
  • Typical heart pain is not usual for women. Frequently, ischemic heart disease manifest itself without pain (asymptomatic form);
  • Women, who have experienced gynaecological surgery, show a higher risk to have heart diseases;
  • Even young women, who feel irregular heart beat during stressful situations, the so-called “palpitations”, must address a cardiologist as it can be a symptom of a heart disease.

Extensive screening of women:

-         Computer electrocardiogram in a calm state,

-         Heart ultrasound,

-         Abdominal ultrasound,

-         Breast ultrasound (only in Vilnius and Kaunas),

-         Thyroid ultrasound,

-         Detailed blood tests (general blood test, lipidogram, glucose levels, liver enzymes (ALT, AST, GGT, ALP), microelements (K. Mg, Na, Ca, Ca++, Fe), creatinine, thyroid hormones (TSH, FT3, FT4, ATPO), common protein, CRP, pancreatic amylase, UREA, vitamin D, breast cancer marker, ovarian cancer marker),

-         Cardiologist’s consultation.

IN VILNIUS: P. Baublio g. 2, phone: 8 655 38 997

IN KAUNAS: Savanorių pr. 169, III floor, phone: 8 377 33978

IN PANEVĖŽYS: Jakšto g. 6A phone: 8 616 47744

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