Covid-19 testing

Testing for COVID-19 (coronavirus) at our InMedica cliic.

  1.      Serological blood tests for COVID-19 (rapid test). Price 20 eur. 

    2.      2019-nCoV RNA analysis by real-time PCR (nasopharyngeal swab). Price 75 eur.

    3.      Qualitative detection of antigens of SARS‑CoV‑2 present in the nasopharynx.  Price 26 eur.

    4.      Quantitative detection of SARS-CoV-2-anti-S antibodies (including IgG) against the spike protein. Price 29 eur.

Pre-registration only.

You are welcome to register today.
Tel.: +370 52101010



InMedica Santariškės - Vilnius (P. Baublio street 2) 

InMedica Silainiai - Kaunas (Baltų pr. 7A) 

InMedica Tauragė (Spaustuvės g. 4)

InMedica Utena ( J.Basanavičiaus 54)


Please, be informed that entering the clinic through the main entrance is STRICTLY PROHIBITED.

Patients will be allowed into the sample collection room only at the time of their appointment. Please, do not be late.

Blood for tests at this unit will not be drawn (such as general blood test or blood testing packages);

Card payments only.