Family medicine and primary care

Primary outpatient family medicine services are provided in InMedica clinic. These services are provided by family doctors, paediatricians and general practice nurses. All family medicine services available at InMedica clinic:

  • Family doctor consultations for those who are ill or those who came for prophylactic examination;
  • Vaccination against infectious diseases;
  • Healthcare of children and infants;
  • Prevention programs;
  • Laboratory tests;
  • Electrocardiogram;
  • Prophylactic health examinations for drivers and workers;
  • Home care for disabled people, and etc.

Primary care services provided at the clinic:

  • Home care services for patients with special needs (SP1, SP2)
  • Blood pressure measurement
  • Wound dressing
  • Removal of sutures from wounds after surgeries
  • Earwax blockage removal by irrigation (only if appointed by a doctor)
  • Intramuscular and intravenous injections
  • Other services assigned to the competence of nurses

Home care is available for persons who:

  1. have special need for permanent nursing;
  2. have special need for permanent care (assistance) with extra special needs;
  3. were diagnosed with general functional disorder in the case of somatic diseases and irregularities when the score of Barthel Index is from 20 to 61 and who are completely
  4. dependent in daily life or partially dependent on the assistance from other people, who were diagnosed with severe functional disorder;
  5. have undergone tracheostomy or gastrostomy procedure and require suction of mucus from respiratory tract.

The appointment to receive home care is issued by a doctor providing family medicine services or primary mental healthcare services. The doctor indicates what type of home care the patient requires in the appointment.

Vilnius Santariškės

Address: P. Baublio street 2, Vilnius
Phone: 8 521 90 027 (Family centre)
Phone: 8 655 38 997, 8 527 77 778 (Specialists)
Phone: 8 696 35 905 (Day surgery center)
E-mail: santariskes@inmedica.lt


Adress: Vytauto street. 145, Šiauliai
Phone: 8 415 25 733
E-mail: siauliai@inmedica.lt