Mental health center

Specialized and qualified services are provided by psychiatrists, medical psychologists, social workers and mental health nurses at InMedica mental health centre. MHC services are provided on a teamwork principle. The team can also include a family (paediatric) doctor.

Mental Health Centre’s services are provided to residents who are registered at InMedica Primary Health Care Centre (PHCC) or other primary health care centres, with which contracts on the provision of mental health services have been concluded, and residents who are assigned only to a psychiatrist working at the Mental Health Centre. In these cases, the necessary help is provided without a referral of a family doctor.

Services, funded from the Compulsory Health Insurance Fund (CHIF), are free.

Children and adolescents (up to 18 years of age) are consulted only with participation of parents or legal guardians. A referral from a family doctor or a paediatrician is not necessary.

Provided services:

  • Medical aid in cases of acute and chronic mental disorders;
  • Outpatient mental health care: diagnosis, treatment of adults, children, adolescents’ mental disorders;
  • Aid for persons experiencing crisis, in case of a suicide threat or after an attempt to commit suicide;
  • Psychological help and consultations to persons suffering from mental disorders and their families;
  • Psychological diagnostic tests (psychodiagnostics), personality, affective reaction, emotion, cognitive functions (intellectual, memory, attention, performance) tests;
  • Social help to those suffering from mental disorders and their families by cooperating with various institutions;
  • Primary aid to persons suffering from addictions;
  • Diagnosis of behavioural problems, anxiety, mood, eating and development disorders in children and adolescents, consulting and selection of treatment tactics;
  • Prophylactic mental health examination (concerning work, driving, weapons, custody, and etc.).

Refer to our mental health centres if you are:

  • Suffering from bad mood;
  • Suffering from sleeping disorders;
  • Suffering from eating disorders;
  • Suffering from panic attacks or feel anxiety;
  • Suffering from phobias (of dark, driving, fainting and other specific phobias);
  • Suffering from upsetting thoughts or actions;
  • Lacking the feeling of a meaningful life;
  • Sometimes thinking about suicide;
  • Have experienced loss, violence, divorce, and etc.;
  • Lacking self-confidence;
  • Feeling lonely and unable to establish relationships with others;
  • Having various somatic complaints, but doctors are not able to determine a disease;
  • Suffering from addictions;
  • Noticing memory loss;
  • Having other mental problems.

Mental Health Centres at InMedica clinics are located:

In Vilnius: InMedica clinic at Šeškinės g. 30 - 5, Vilnius

In Kaunas: InMedica clinic at Baltų pr. 7A, Kaunas