Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

InMedica Santariškės clinic performs all plastic and reconstructive surgeries of the face and body tailored to your individual needs. For patients who prefer non-surgical intervention, we offer beauty injections for correction of appearance in cases of congenital or acquired facial imperfections. Our clinic pays particular attention to the high-quality service and care of patients, therefore surgeries and injections are performed by experienced and professional plastic surgeons, and service quality is ensured by modern equipment. 

It is necessary to consult a plastic and reconstructive surgeon before each surgery, as this enables us to learn about the expectations of each patient and together find the best solution to any problem. During consultations, we will draw up a surgery plan, discuss various matters regarding preparation for surgery, and prescribe the necessary tests, the laboratory of which is situated in the same building.

For additional details and registration in advance please call: 8 696 35905

Vilnius Santariškės

Address: P. Baublio street 2, Vilnius
Phone: 8 521 90 027 (Family centre)
Phone: 8 655 38 997, 8 527 77 778 (Specialists)
Phone: 8 696 35 905 (Day surgery center)
E-mail: santariskes@inmedica.lt